Making Theater Accessible on Both Sides of the Curtain

Our 1993-2004 Shows

Beauty and the Beast, 2001. Arrow down for more description.

A provincial village scene with a white young man playing guitar front and center while the villagers gather around and look on.

Our Growing Community


Peter Pan
Dates: 3/26-4/4
Cast Size: 92
Producers: Gail Dow, Vicki Graw (assIstant)
Directors: Linda Potter, Tom Wachtell (assistant)
Music Director: Jeanie Furlan
Choreographer: Marlene Wachtell

Peter Pan, 1993. Arrow down for more description.


Sleeping Beauty
Dates: 3/19-3/27
Producers: Jean Brigham, Annelyse Roach
Directors: Bev Robbins-Gordon, G. Riner (ass’t)
Music Director: None (taped)
Choreographer: Bev Robbins-Gordon


The Magic Flute
Dates: 3/25-4/2
Cast Size: 84
Producers: Jean Brigham, Linda Hartwell
Director: George Riner
Music Director: Helen Payette
Choreographer: Chris Marengo


H.M.S. Pinafore
Dates: 3/22-3/31
Cast Size: 130
Producers: Gail Dow, Chris Shields (ass’t)
Director: Tom Wachtell
Music Director: Susie Allen
Choreographer: Robyn Rhodes


The Music Man
Dates: 3/14-3/23
Cast Size: 135
Producers: Mary O’Loughlin, Lauren Bigelow (ass’t)
Directors: Margot Law, George Riner (ass’t)
Music Director: Doris Goldman
Choreographer: Robyn Rhodes


Robin Hood the Musical
Dates: Late March
Cast Size: 75
Producers: David Cass, Mary O’Loughlin
Directors: George Riner, Ellen Neelands
Music Director: Belinda Burum
Choreographer: Shahn Knights


Fiddler on the Roof Jr.
Dates: 3/19-3/28
Cast Size: 70
Producers: Gail Dow, Barbara Ascani
Directors: Tom Wachtell, Jeff Christo (ass’t)
Music Director: Susie Allen
Choreographer: Jenn M. Webb


Dates: 3/31-4/9
Cast Size: 116
Producer: Nancy Pithis
Directors: Jeff Christo, Brian Schimpf (ass’t)
Music Director: George Riner
Choreographer: Shahn Knights


Beauty and the Beast
Dates: 3/23-4/1
Cast Size: 72
Producer: Nancy Pithis
Director: Bob Jodka
Music Director: Edie Tompkins


No show due to Junior High School auditorium re-construction


Annie Get Your Gun, 2003. Arrow down for more description.

David Estabrook a young, white, male in a bowler hat, glasses, a red bow tie, and navy vest using a wheelchair.

Annie Get Your Gun
Dates: 3/14-3/23
Cast Size: 81
Producers: David Cass, Sam Gould, Mary O’Loughlin
Director: Baloo Patel
Music Director: Margot Law
Choreographer: Bev Robbins-Gordon


The King and I
Dates: 1/30-2/8
Cast Size: 89
Producers: Barbara Estabrook, Pam D’Ambrosio
Director: Mary O’Loughlin
Music Director: Mary S-Wilson
Choreographer: Emily Chapman

King and I, 2004. Arrow down for more description.

Jenna Lee Scott, a Korean actress as Tuptim in a teal shift dress and sash sings mournfully with a chorus of young actors in teal behind her with hands clasped in prayer.