The information on this page is to be used as a resource only for the express purposes of auditioning for our show. This page has both music and script excerpts that will be used during auditions. Duplication is prohibited.

If you require a larger font, you may enlarge and bring printed copies of any of the below.

The following links lead to PDF versions of the required songs for people who are auditioning for the specified role. People NOT auditioning for one of these roles do not need to prepare anything, they will be taught a song at the audition.

People auditioning for the roles listed here (Cinderella’s Father, Cinderella’s Step-Mother, Florinda, Lucinda, Giant, Little Red’s Granny, Narrator, Rapunzel, Stewards) should all prepare the following excerpt: (Act 1 Open Part 9 MM43-end)

During the audition, prospective cast members will be asked to read certain script excerpts.  The following “examples” can be used for preparation, but may not be the actual excerpt you will be asked to read during auditions. You may be asked to read something different, as sometimes a specific piece is chosen to showcase your acting ability. There is no requirement to read for a specific part, and there is no requirement to prepare for these readings in advance – there will be time to familiarize yourself with the excerpts during the audition process.