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This is the cast information page - we will continue to update the information here during the production. There are menu option on the left side (at the bottom of the screen on smaller screens) that will allow you to search for words within all of the cast infomation, and there are also category links that will just show information that is related to a specific category.

Here is a link to the Rehearsal Calendar.

Reporting Absences Please try to minimize absences. This is not just because you will miss information about your role, when a cast member is absent it affects everyone at the rehearsal. For an absence, contact us as soon as you know about it. Using this form.

Cast Email 12/9/19

Rehearsal tomorrow is for: Narrators (Kellie T and Greek ChoruS voice) Cinderella Jack Milky white puppeteers (Jack B, Josh T and Zoe K) Jack’s mother Baker Baker’s wife Stepmother Florinda Lucinda Belinda Cinderella’s father Little Red Witch ASL interp Amber 7-9 at Dragonfly Theater. No rehearsal Thursday and next ALL CAST REHEARSAL SUNDAY 12/15 1:30-4:30 …

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Cast Email 11/25/2019

Happy Week Off! No rehearsals until Sunday December 1 All cast is called for dancing! ,#9 “Act 1 Opening IX” review; #9 “Act I Opening IX” choreo TIME CHANGE. We will start Sunday rehearsals at 1:30 and run to 4:30 to hopefully alleviate some of the congestion.  Our T-shirt contest has started! If you would like to be submit …

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