Getting Involved

Audition for the cast
We welcome auditions by people from all walks of life, including families and people with special needs. Our only requirement is that you must be at least nine (9) years of age as of January 1 of the show year. (You don’t have to be nine when you audition, since auditions are usually in November or December, but you have to be nine by January 1.)

Join the crew
It takes a huge crew to support our shows. We have committees for tickets, ushering, cuing, lighting, sound, set crew, set construction, painting, auditions, publicity, and more. Most backstage jobs have a minimum age of twelve (12) years old; please contact the current production team for more details.

Apply to direct
Every year the deadline is November 1st for the show which will open 16 months later. Performances are two weekends, usually in late March/early April, but sometimes in January/February. Auditions are generally in December for March/April shows (adjusted accordingly for January/February shows). Rehearsals typically start shortly thereafter.

We are always interested in proposals for upcoming musicals. If you are interested in being considered as a director for it, please send an e-mail to Someone will acknowledge your submission within two weeks.

It is not required to have a show in mind or a proposal of your team. If you do have a show or shows in mind, you may include that information. Note also that Open Door has researched potential shows and can assist in the selection process.

Depending on the response on November 1, the selection process may continue until early February.

For more information about becoming a potential Open Door director, contact us at any time during the calendar year.