Dear Cast of the Lightning Thief.  
Wow that was a Great Audition! Welcome to Open Door 2022. You may now make your role FaceBook official if you like. Thank you for your patience. We are thrilled to have you on this journey with us. Welcome. Please reply to to confirm that you are receiving emails. We sometimes have a problem with some domain addresses. If you want to add a guardian’s email or a doublechecker, send us that email address as well please. Everything that you need to know can be found on our website in the super secret cast section.  www.opendoortheater/org/cast. There you can find all of the following links. 
1. Cast list: with photos (we are using your thumbnails from auditions and will replace those with headshots closer to the show. These are intended to allow you simply to recognize each other with masks and not intended to be glamour shots but if you really don’t like yours, you can email us to replace it. 2. Rehearsal schedule: or go to the direct link The rehearsal calendar is downloadable and importable into your calendar app. However, we are currently populating it based on conflicts and reservations so you will not see much there beyond 1 week until after break. We rehearse Tuesday and Thursdays at 7 pm – 9 pm and Sundays 2 pm -5 pm. We will populate this with the call and what we are running. Not everyone is called for all rehearsals. For example, if you are Percy, you will be called as character and scene. If you are in the Teen Ensemble or if you are in the Ensemble, you will be called by actor name for those scenes that you are in.  Once the schedule is set, if you want a paper calendar and can not print one, just ask a producer. Please notify us if you will be absent so we can plan accordingly. Please do not come to rehearsal if you are remotely sick with even sniffles. We are being extra careful to keep everyone well. We will remain masked at rehearsals regardless of the town and AB school mask mandates for now.3.  Absence notification form: can be found here we have the conflicts that you put on your audition form logged but if you have to add some, want to clarify or can’t remember please give us all conflicts as soon as possible to help us schedule most effectively.4. Contact emails: Questions regarding procedure can be directed to Producers Sam Gould, Dawn Gomez and Sara Wilcox at Specific Questions regarding my role, costuming, blocking or music can be directed to Directors; Stephanie Steinbach Henry or Brian Kelly or Musical Director Jonathan Eldridge or Stage Manager Lisa Jensen-Fellows at The ombudsperson for this production will be Brian Cutler (Mr. Brunner/Chiron) and he can be reached at Last minute or emergency notifications, call Sam Gould at 781-760-0543.5. Social media: A great way to keep in touch with cast and crew is via our private facebook group for this show. We use this as a bulletin board for cast and crew and fill it with content, about the show, best practices, news, fun facts about Greek Mythology, etc. . If you are on FB, please join here In about a week, we will make it private and not searchable so if you want to join, sign up now. You can also follow us on Twitter at Facebook at (public facing non interactive page) and Instagram @accessibletheater out main public website is for more information about our mission, etc. 
AND NOW A QUIZ to see if you were paying attention. This week with school vacation, we want to run music only on Tuesday and Thursday this week but not either Sunday. Rehearsals at Dragonfly Theater, RJ Grey Jr. HS, 16 Charter Road, Acton, MA 01720, where you auditioned.  Tuesday rehearsal 7-9 pm call is for Opening Music which includes the following actors: and Thursday rehearsal 7-9 pm call is Campfire song which includes the following actors. You are called for rehearsal but you will be away. What do you do now?A. Fill out an Absence notification at the link above. B. Email the Director at the email above.C. Nothing and just go on my vacation.
Answer key: If you answered A, you are correct. You will be picked for a quest in the future. If you answered B, you get partial credit and will not be kicked out of camp half blood or eaten by a monster, but A would have been better, unless you have a specific burning question. If you answered C, we may have a problem…please report to Mr. D’s office. It’s another terrible day…
Your LT Production Team of Demigods.