URGENT NOTICE REGARDING ALLERGIES:We have members of our cast with severe peanut allergies and a staff member at R.J. Grey has a severe citrus allergy so NO FOOD WITH PEANUTS OR CITRUS IS ALLOWED IN THE JR HS. NO EXCEPTIONS. 
Tuesday Night  January 28, 7-9 we have: 

Cinderella, Narrator (Kellie and Norma) and Greek Chorus, Baker, Baker’s Wife, Rapunzel, Rapunzel’s Voice, Witch, Mysterious Man, Jack, Little Red, ASL Interpreter Amber. 

RJ Grey Dragonfly Theater, 16 Charter Road Stage #33 “Steps pf the Palace & p. 80-85 incl #31 “Stay With Me”
Also 7-9 ASL Stage Management Project Meeting Interpreter Erin McCarthy in CafeteriaThursday January 30 @ 7:00 pm  9:00 pm the Call is Cinderella, Baker’s Wife, Stewards, Milky White Puppeteers, Mysterious Man, Cinderella’s Prince, Jack’s Mother, Witch, Baker, Jack, No ASL Interpreter RJ Grey Dragonfly Theater, 16 Charter Road Stage p. 88-97Sunday February 2 @ 1:30 pm  4:30 pm is ALL CAST ACT 1 OFF BOOK DATE- Stumble thru Act 1, ASL Interpreter JenRJ Grey Dragonfly Theater, 16 Charter RoadCheck the cast page Cast page for rehearsal reports, and choreography videos and audio practice files to be ready for SUNDAY! NOTES FOR ALL CAST or LARGE GROUPS

  • All cast:  From Director Alecia

Off book for Act 1 February 2, 2020

  • All cast:  Becky reminds all cast members to rehearse as they hope to perform!

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