Rehearsal tomorrow is for: Narrators (Kellie T and Greek ChoruS voice) Cinderella Jack Milky white puppeteers (Jack B, Josh T and Zoe K) Jack’s mother Baker Baker’s wife Stepmother Florinda Lucinda Belinda Cinderella’s father Little Red Witch ASL interp Amber 7-9 at Dragonfly Theater. No rehearsal Thursday and next ALL CAST REHEARSAL SUNDAY 12/15 1:30-4:30 (NOTICE TIME CHANGE) at Dragonfly Theater. Bring comfortable clothes. You will be dancing. T-shirt contest: If you would like to be submit a design, please submit an 8 1/2 x 11 black and white design which includes the name of the show Into The Wood’s 2020 and our website to any producer before December 22, 2019 — This email is being sent to the cast of the current production of Open Door Theater. The most current information for the cast including the most up to date SCHEDULE of rehearsals is on a private web page that you can access at Finally, Did you know that we have an Ombudsman for this production? If you have an issue that you are not comfortable taking to a producer or directorial team, you may contact Gregg Savage, ODT treasurer at or (978) 337-0574.