Bravo on a great Rehearsal. We know that was a lot of music and you were all champs. If you need music or you need it in a different format, you can find it on the cast page and print it out or grab it from a producer at the next rehearsal to which you are called. You should all have a 3 ring binder or a folder, marked with your name for your music and a pencil coming to rehearsal with you.
Tonight is a small rehearsal. We are only calling Jack, Baker, Cinderella (Cindy), Little Red Ridinghood (LRR), Witch to Dragonfly Theater 7-9 tonight.
Thursday is  Baker’s Wife, Cinderella only.
Sunday is  Little Red, Wolf, Woods ensemble (NOT FAIRYTALE ENSEMBLE) woods ensemble are: (Olesia Burlak, Sarah Drowne, Katherine Maimone, Suneel Prabhu, Sudhir Prabhu, Evvy Shoemaker, Jada Silbert, Lena Wilcox, Maya Wilcox and Celia Willis only) Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear that you can dance in. May want to bring water as well. 
For planning purposes, the next All Cast rehearsals will be December 1 and 15.
Cast info is always here Cast Page Pro tip: When reading the schedule, use list mode so that you can see who is called and where! We have a few venue changes early on. Then you can shift the view to a calendar that you can print, highlight and put on your fridge.
We want to repeat some links to make sure that your navigation in the woods is successful and that you get “into the woods out of the woods and home before dark.” Please grab your parent, sibling or best friend and go to this link Cast and Crew conflicts and volunteer form Volunteer and Conflicts link and complete the form by November 15.  If you are unable to make it to any other other rehearsal, please fill out the online absence form here: absence notification. You do not need to fill out an absence notification if you are not called, but it is always better to have more info than less so when in doubt, send in an absence notification.As always email with any questions.