Cast Email 11/25/2019

Happy Week Off! No rehearsals until Sunday December 1 All cast is called for dancing! ,#9 “Act 1 Opening IX” review; #9 “Act I Opening IX” choreo TIME CHANGE. We will start Sunday rehearsals at 1:30 and run to 4:30 to hopefully alleviate some of the congestion.  Our T-shirt contest has started! If you would like to be submit …

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Week 2 November 12-17

Bravo on a great Rehearsal. We know that was a lot of music and you were all champs. If you need music or you need it in a different format, you can find it on the cast page and print it out or grab it from a producer at the next rehearsal to which you …

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All Cast Email 11/9/19

We just finished casting and we are so glad to welcome you to the cast of Open Door Theater’s Spring 2020 production of Into The Woods. Huge Congratulations to you as we were only able to cast less than half of those who auditioned due to the constraints of the show! Our first rehearsal is …

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