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Bravo! That, friends was a spectacular run. I have not seen a smoother run through in my 20 years at Open Door Theater. Give yourselves a round of applause. PR photos check, wigs, check, costumes check. We are moving right along. If you have any costume questions, email costumers at  ODTCostumes@gmail.com
Full Schedule here Spreadsheet Schedule  And on the cast page here  https://www.opendoortheater.org/cast/ to see all events, click on events, click on one event and then click all events and it will open as a calendar. Tomorrow, we have 7-9 Flotsam, Jetsam and Ursula; 7-8 All Gulls, 8-9 Mersisters and Flounder (no Ariel), Thursday we have Maids, Ariel and Grimsby 7-9. Our next all cast rehearsal is February 10 is our all cast and crew ASL Lesson and Sensory Friendly Training. It is also pajama day. Feel free to bring family crew members to this important rehearsal and wear your pjs! We will be taking headshots that day for the bioboards, so start now and fill out your bio questionaire here. Deadline is Feb 22. All cast needs Bios. BIOBOARD LINK   As always Fill out ALL absences here now: Absence Notification Link
NOW THIS IS IMPORTANT. So Important that it needs its own paragraph… TICKETS GO ON SALE FEBRUARY 10 at the ALL CAST ASL LESSON/SENSORY TRAINING/PAJAMA DAY. Bring your checkbooks. Tckets are first come first served Feb 10th. All seats are reserved and picked up at will call. New ticketing policies:Cast only sales for the first day of ticket sales will be Feb 10, at the all cast rehearsal. Come with a check or cash NO credit cards. After that we encourage online sales.  If there is a need for in person purchases we will announce the schedule as we go. NEW THIS YEAR – WHEN BUYING TICKETS ONLINE YOU CAN PICK YOUR SEATS. Even seats purchased at rehearsal are done through A computer. OUR FABULOUS TICKET TEAM WILL CERTAINLY HELP ANYONE THAT NEEDS ASSISTANCE.
Production team holes, we are still looking for Set Run Crew, Captioining Run Crew, Spot Light Operators, Videographer and a claw foot bathtub. If you have any of these skills or a lead for us, let us know asap.

Some of you have asked for cast list and scene breakdown by role. Here they are. All of this info is as always available on the web page as well Opendoortheater.org/castcast list
Scene Breakdown by Role

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