This is a partial list of the volunteer positions that are needed for our production.

If you have a skill that you think would be useful, but you don’t see it listed here, let us know.

Bio Boards
Need committee chair(s) plus 2-3 others
Bio board volunteers help assemble the boards (write bios if we use them; cut and glue/assemble photos, bios, and backgrounds), hopefully during regular rehearsal times towards the end of March.

Cast Party
Need committee chair(s) plus 3-5 others
Purchases and/or finds donations of food for cast party (after final performance) as well as organizing set-up and clean-up.

Crew Chiefs
(Number needed depends on show – may already be selected by Stage Manager.)
Reporting to the stage manager, responsible for coordinating and supervising backstage crew. Must commit to working as many full-run rehearsals as possible, dress rehearsals plus 5-7 shows.

Need committee chair(s) plus 6-8
Responsible for measuring cast members, fitting and/or creating costumes, distributing costumes to cast members, collecting costumes after the final show and organizing laundry and dry cleaning afterwards. Sewing talents most appreciated, but others may be helpful as well. Some commitment during rehearsals, some outside rehearsals, plus after final performance.

Make Up and Hair
Need 4-6
Responsible for applying make-up and styling hair for the cast prior to performances, approximately 2 hours ahead and any quick changes during the production, reports to the Make-Up Chair.

Need committee chair(s) plus 7-9
Learns show via run-through rehearsals to help get cast on-stage when they need to be there. Cuers must commit to several full-run through and dress rehearsals plus 3-4 shows.

House Managers
Need 1-2
Responsible for recruiting, training, and overseeing ushers. Open house for audience, and close house up after the performance. Primary commitment during performances, plus some outside commitment to recruit ushers.

Number needed determined by Technical Director
Assist in running spotlights, etc. Must commit to working several full-run rehearsals and dress rehearsals plus 3-4 shows.

Need 1-2 people
Work with chair to create program from information provided by production team. Must be detail-oriented to confirm all information, and must be able to produce a document in a print layout program or in PDF format for the printer. Primary commitment outside rehearsals, but must also have all actors, production team, and crew confirm name spelling, etc. (typically done during rehearsal).

Props Committee
Need committee chair(s) 5-7 others
Make, borrow, purchase, etc, all props needed for the show, plus manage the props and props table backstage during final rehearsals and performances. Must commit to some time outside of rehearsals as well as several full-run rehearsals and dress rehearsals, plus 3-4 shows.

Need chair plus 3-4 people
Responsible for getting information about the show published in local papers in a timely fashion, for creating and distributing flyers to the cast to post in area locations, for creating and placing sandwich boards around town. Primary commitment outside of rehearsal times.

Set Artists
Number needed determined by Scenic Designer
Set artist commitments will occur at varied times (typically evenings and weekends). Set artists will add the detailed touches after the sets have been created; this team requires moderate to high artistic painting skill to bring the sets to life.

Set Construction
Need as many people as will wield tools or paintbrushes!
Set construction commitments will occur at varied times (typically evenings and weekends) and involves constructing and painting (non-artistic) set pieces under the supervision of the construction chief. Must be high school students or adults for safety reasons.

Number needed determined by Technical Director
Responsible for miking actors, running sound checks, and assisting with other related duties. Must commit to working several full-run rehearsals and dress rehearsals plus 3-4 shows.

Stage Crew
Need 10-15
Reporting to crew chief and ultimately the stage manager, assists backstage to change sets, etc, during final rehearsals and performances. Must commit to working several full-run rehearsals and dress rehearsals plus 3-4 shows.

5-6 people needed
Ticket volunteers assist the chair in collecting payment and distributing tickets during rehearsals and performances. Adults available to help with ticket sales at Tuesdays practices are particularly welcome! Commitment involves the planning for the distribution of ticket packets, taking turns filling ticket orders during practices, especially Tuesdays, plus availability for assistance with tickets before some performances.

T-Shirt Sales
1-2 coordinators
After the production team chooses a logo design from the design contest, the t-shirt sales coordinator distributes order forms and collects money to place order with the company that produces them for us. Also distributes t-shirts when they come in. Some commitment during rehearsals, some outside rehearsals.

Ushers/Concession Sales
Report directly to the house manager. Must attend our sensory friendly training. Seat patrons, pass out assistive devices, sell concessions.