Cinderella - Character List

Actors of all abilities will be considered for all roles.

ELLA - a character in her mid-20s, any ethnicity. Outwardly quiet, devoted, kind-hearted, and unassuming, inside she is also strong, intelligent, idealistic, and funny. A dreamer who can always see the good inside people. Soprano, B3-Eb5.

PRINCE TOPHER - a character in his mid-20s, any ethnicity. A lost hero who wants to do the right thing; innocent and charming yet also goofy. Not sure what to do about himself or his kingdom. Baritone, C#3-A4.

MARIE - a character anywhere from her 40s to immortal, any ethnicity. Appears to be a crazy beggar woman, but turns out to be a fairy godmother. Soprano, A3-Ab5.

JEAN-MICHEL - a character in his mid-20s, any ethnicity. Wannabe revolutionary scholar; passionate on behalf of his peasant class. Interested in Gabrielle. Baritone, C3-G4.

MADAM - a character in her 50s to 60s, any ethnicity. Ella‘s stepmother; a vain, materialistic, social climber who channels her ambitions through her daughters. Mezzo-Soprano, C4-D5.

GABRIELLE - a character in her 20s, any ethnicity. Ella’s stepsister and daughter of Madame. Doesn’t believe in or fit in with Madame’s plans, yet has not been ready to stand up for herself. Soprano, C4-G5.

CHARLOTTE - a character in her 20s to early 30s, any ethnicity. Ella’s stepsister and daughter of Madame. Her mother’s daughter, but younger. Expects to be the center of attention and thinks more highly of herself than anyone else. Mezzo-Soprano, B3-F5.

SEBASTIAN - a character in his 50s to 60s, any ethnicity. The Lord Chancellor, entrusted by Topher’s parents to raise him to kingship. He has become pretentious, pompous, and power-hungry, trying to keep his influence over the kingdom. Baritone, C3-F4.

LORD PINKLETON - a character in his 30s to 50s, any ethnicity. The Lord Chancellor‘s right-hand man; chief herald. Tenor, D3-A4.

All ethnicities and abilities to play townspeople, ladies of the court, knights, heralds, pages/squires. Vocal ranges:
Soprano: C4-Ab5
Alto: Bb3-F5
Tenor: D3-G4
Basses: Db3-F4